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Pay Day Loans

Pay Day Loans

One point I would like to highlight to you is that, every single new product that has been launched since the beginning of the Push to Pass strategic plan has been a commercial success and this is online loans, online payday loans it gives a lot of confidence to our teams being engineering, design and sales and marketing teams everybody is enthusiastic about the success of this products and as you can see through the different regions, we have been delivering what we have in the plan, so we are on track to deliver the 121 new regional launches by the online loans of this online loans.

If we move to the technology, the core technology strategy, again, the rollout of the EMP2 platform is progressing. The preparation of the CMP platform including e-CMP platform is now on track. So those two platforms are absolutely fundamental for our core technology strategy because both of them are multi-energy platforms, so they have the capability to adapt to different market conditions and to different mix, which as you know well are very difficult to predict in our chaotic world.

I would like also to tell you that in Europe, the PSA Group is still the CO2 leader in terms of performance. The level one was launched in the Peugeot 3008. The level two will be launched with DS7 Crossback very soon and we are on track to deliver the roadmap that has been presented to you, before this is quite reassuring in terms of capability of our engineering division to deliver the core model and core technological strategy that have presented to you in many occasions. Important point and important success is the fact that the Peugeot brand is now in Western Europe, the reference of the market in terms of retail sales, transaction price, value adjusted index.

You can see here that we have set a band within which we would like to be against our major competitors and I am not saying against the benchmark because Peugeot is now the benchmark of the European market in terms of the transaction pricing for retail sales. So far we were at plus 1. So this is a huge demonstration of confidence in our products and in our brands. You know where we are coming from and where we were four years ago, so I will not mention those numbers, you know them absolutely clearly.

Also I would like to tell you that we have been working hard in terms of marketing efficiency and market expense efficiency. Regarding Citroen, the pricing situation, again transaction prices, value adjusted on retail sales in the Western Europe, the situation is quite good. This is something that I would like to communicate to you. Of course, we will continue to support the Citroen brand with more new products.

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